Before moving to a new house, it’s essential to consider your future goals and whether your situation might change within the next five or ten years. To help first time buyers in Middlesbrough making the right choice, we’ve created a list of ten key factors to consider when deciding where to move to.

1. Busy city or relaxing countryside?

Your preferred living environment greatly depends on your personal circumstances. First time buyers in Middlesbrough might incline towards a city, whereas families or retirees may opt for the tranquillity of a hamlet or rural location. The final decision rests with you.

2. Transport Links

While determining your new location. By driving or relying on public transport, measure the convenience of reaching your workplace. Don’t overlook the alternative options of walking or biking to work, if feasible.

3. Schools & Education

Families will prioritise schools and education when searching for properties. If your children are still in education, this could be a little difficult as you will need to decide whether to keep them at the same school or college or move them to a place closer to where you are moving to.

Even if you currently don’t have kids but plan a family in the future, this factor warrants significant consideration. Join Our Community Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter for all the latest mortgage market information. Thanks! Stay tuned for all the recent market developments!

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4. Nearby Facilities – What You Need vs What You Want

It’s important, when moving, to differentiate between what you desire and what you require so you can prioritise the latter over the former. For instance, having shops within a walking distance is a necessity whereas a nearby gym is more of a luxury.

5. Friends & Family

Moving away from your close friends and family circle if you frequent them can be challenging. Many relocate to be nearer to their kith and kin, and for families, this can be an extra assistance with childcare.

6. Is the property good value for money?

Validate the worthiness of your investment by assessing the property’s market value. Comparing it with similar properties listed on Rightmove or Zoopla will ascertain whether you’re paying a reasonable price. The lender’s valuation, performed during the mortgage process, may differ if the paid price is higher. First time buyers in Middlesbrough may contemplate a less expensive property initially to step into the property market. This still necessitates comparison with other properties in the vicinity.

7. What is the community like?

Do you prefer a lively community with ongoing activities or a serene, peaceful lifestyle? Local Facebook groups could provide good insights into the community spirit of the area.

8. Career Changes

Often, relocation is dictated by a new job or career advancement. However, the rise of remote working has made location less of a workplace concern.

9. Type of Property

The type and size of the property you seek will influence your location preference. Typically, semi-detached and terrace homes populate urban areas, while larger properties are located beyond city limits. Your family size, aspirations, and financial status will ultimately swivel your decision. Perusing online listings can give you a fair estimate of property prices and types in diverse locations.

10. Local Developments

Before finalising a property, particularly important for long-term residents. For instance, a large housing development project lined up might disrupt your idea of a serene suburban life.

The Next Steps 

The Next Phase We strive for equipping you with comprehensive information to make an informed decision. Once you locate your dream house and are ready for an offer, our experienced team of mortgage advisors in Middlesbrough is here to guide you.

They are a reservoir of knowledge and can clarify any queries you might have. Book your free mortgage appointment with a qualified mortgage advisor in Middlesbrough at a time that suits you. We eagerly await hearing from you and assisting you in this life-changing move!

Date Last Edited: February 8, 2024